Changing Tomorrow Day 2014: Child Nutrition and Environment Care Program at Tegal Village Angus, Teluk Naga, Tangerang, Banten.

Changing Tomorrow Day 2014: Child Nutrition and Environment Care Program at Tegal Village Angus, Teluk Naga, Tangerang, Banten.

JAKARTA - As a form of its social responsibility, Astellas Pharma constantly strives to bring benefits to the community, including holding the Changing Tomorrow (CT) Day. CT Day is a social activity with the theme health or environmental theme participated by all Astellas’ employees worldwide.

This time in its 4th year, CT Day Astellas Pharma Indonesia held on Saturday, December 20th, 2014 is located in the village of Tegal Angus, Teluk Naga, Tangerang.

In collaboration with one of Indonesian Non-Profit Organization-Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) as a partner, the chosen theme is "A Change For Better Tomorrow" intangible Child Nutrition and Environment Care Program which the aims is to help villagers of Tegal Angus to reduce the rate of malnourished children and enhance the Clean and Healthy Behaviors (PHBs) .

The event was be held lively with the presence of the Tegal Angus village leaders, also 200 mothers and infants who enthusiastically followed a series of activities including Clean and Healthy Behavior workshop, health care and nutrition package for toddlers’ distribution. Astellas’ employees participating sincerely and passionately distribute the nutrition package, assist doctors  deliver health services, clean environment, painting trash at 4 points around the Tegal Angus village and repainting public toilets which also donated by Astellas.

In his opening speech Mr. Yasushi Imamura (Managing Director of PT Astellas Pharma Indonesia) said that as a company which engaged in the field of pharmaceuticals, Astellas contribute to health for all people around the world, through the CT Day activities which carried out globally is expected there will be a change in a better tomorrow.

Some of Tegal Angus villagers respond the CT Day activity and the donation give so many benefits for their lives. Through Clean and Healthy Behavior (PHBs) workshop can broaden their knowledge that their day-to-day activities which are part of PHBs. Free medical examination and provision of nutrition package can ease the burden of them to get free drugs and nutritious food for their children. In addition they are also grateful for the donation of trash bins, garbage cart and public toilets in their environment. With the trash and garbage carts, can help them in organizing the trash and get clean water for daily activities. They are expecting the CT Day activities in their village will be continued and sustainable in the future.

Astellas employees who participated in CT Day found this is very positive activity, in addition to help others in need, CT Day activities also can increase cohesiveness, communication and cooperation among employees. Most of the participants are expecting that all employees should join and participate in the next CT Day activities.

Opening ceremony by hit the “kentongan”represented by ACT-Astellas Pharma Indonesia


Handover plaque as a symbol donation of Water Supply and Sanitation

from PT Astellas Pharma Indonesia to Tegal Angus Village



CT Day event ceremonial attended by PT Astellas Pharma Indonesia’s employee

as the participants and community of Tegal Angus Village



CT Day participants is painting one of garbage dump


CT Day participants build garbage dump in one of the location



Participants is cleaning the environment before painting the garbage dump



Public toilet donation