Astellas Donates Medicine for Poskesdes in Banten

Astellas Donates Medicine for Poskesdes in Banten

Collaborating with the NGO People’s Hope Japan, some time ago Astellas has sponsored the establishment of Poskesdes (Pos Kesehatan Desa-Village Health Post) in Banten, i.e. Pontang Legon, Susukan, and Tengkurak. The presence of Poskesdes in these areas is hoped to increase public awareness about the importance of health and taking care of the environment, also to reduce the mortality rate of new born babies and mothers. Until the end of 2013, one of the villages where the Poskesdes was established, Pontang Legon village, has achieved 100% birthrate.

As a follow up to the establishment of Poskesdes, Astellas made a donation of medicines to the Poskesdes with hope that it can benefit the local communities in need of treatment. The donation was given on January 15th, 2014 at Puskesmas (Pusat Kesehatan Masyarakat-Community Health Center) Tirtayasa, Serang.

 Puskesmas Tirtayasa

The donation consisted of medicine i.e. antibiotics, vitamin, suplement, and drugs for various diseases. The handover was conducted by representative of Astellas, Ms. Ade Restu Yuningsih to Ms. Mika Ito of PHJ, witnessed by the health officials (midwives and nurses) from the three Poskesdes.


The health officials from the three Poskesdes checked the medicine to be distributed in each of the Poskesdes.


Group photo with the health officials of Poskesdes Pontang Legon, Susukan, and Tengkurak.

 group photo