Changing Tomorrow Day 2013: Mass Circumsision and Medication at Pondok Indah Jatisari Bekasi, West Java

JAKARTA - As a form of social responsibility towards the community, Astellas Pharma Indonesia (AIN) conducted its 4th Changing Tomorrow Day on a bright day of December 21st, 2013.  Cooperating with the local commitee of PKK members and the residents of Pondok Indah Jatisari housing complex (PIJ), about 40 AIN employees from Head Office Jakarta voluntarily participated in mass circumsision and medication event.  This social service activity is dedicated for people with low socioeconomic status who lives around PIJ.

The opening ceremony


The participants watch marching band performance

About 18 boys aged 4 to 11 years old register  in the mass circumsision event, performed by 5 medical doctors.  After the circumsision was done, the boys were given standard medication and 3 days later, they are being referred to undergo control process in a nearby clinic.

The circumsision process

One of the boys was congratulated and given
a goodie bag after his succesful circumsision 

The mass medication process was joined by about 40 participants. Among their health complaints are headache, influenza, fever, cough, sore throat, gastritits, heartburn, itchiness, shortness of breath, hypertension, sore eyes, high uric acid, rheumatic, and anemia. After consulting with doctors, the patients are being given medicine, some of them being referred to the community health center (Puskesmas) for further examination.

Consultation with the doctors


Distribution of medicine

This Changing Tomorrow Day event was being responded positively by the participants, the local commitee from PIJ and Astellas employees who participated. Employees who can not be present in the location also contribute through donation for this event. This event is hoped to contribute something useful to the society, while enhancing internal communication and teamwork amongst the employees of PT Astellas Pharma Indonesia.