Opening Ceremony of Tengkurak Village Health Center

BANTEN – On May 16th, 2012, the opening ceremony of Tengkurak Village Health Center (Poskesdes), Serang regency is being held.  The establishment of the Poskesdes is a collaboration between Astellas Pharma and People Hope’s Japan (PHJ) NGO. Tengkurak Poskesdes is the 3rd Poskesdes donated by Astellas Pharma in Banten after the previous ones in Susukan and Pontang Legon.

 The ceremony was attended by Ms. Akiko Ohta as CSR Director of Astellas Pharma Inc., Mr. Yasuhiko Takeuchi and dr Budiwan Sumarsono from PT Astellas Pharma Indonesia, Ms. Mika Ito from PHJ, the village chief, representatives from the local police, representatives from Serang’s Health Promotion Division, Head of Tirtayasa District Health Center, local religious leaders, midwives of Susukan and Pontang Legon Poskesdes, and surrounding communities of Tengkurak Poskesdes. 

From left to right: Head of Tirtayasa District Health Promotion Center, representative of Serang Health Promotion Division Ministry of Health, Ms. Akiko Ohta, Mr. Yasuhiko Takeuchi, dr Budiwan Sumarsono. 

The ceremony consisted of prayer, speech from relevant parties, entertainment from local recital mothers, ribbon cutting and laying of plate by Serang Deputy of Health Promotion with Ms. Akiko Ohta. 

Opening ceremony by unveiling the curtain

Tengkurak Poskesdes is a one-story building that is divided into a clinic and residential of midwives. The clinik is equipped with a waiting room that can be functioned as a place for community outreach, an examination room equipped with medical equipments and a medicine cabinet, and a delivery room. According to the local community, the availability of the Poskesdes is very useful because the disctrict health center where they usually seek treatment is located quite far from their village, not to mention the bad roads that impede their travel.  

The Delivery Room at Tengkurak Poskesdes

It is hoped that the presence of Poskesdes in Tengkurak, Susukan, and Pontang Legon can increase the public awareness about the importance of health and taking care of the environment and also to reduce the mortality rate of new born babies and mothers.